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Published: 19th October 2010
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Fashion accessories like belts add up to the fantastic beauty of a person. As a cool fashion accent, sterling silver belts combine allure and functionality in one fashionable bundle. Who would have imagined a simple leather belt with all the glitters for chic women and a shiny buckle for tough men? But similar to technology, fashion has its own enhancements.

Sterling silver is not pure silver but substantial silver content with a mixture of lesser percent of robust metals like copper. It is known that silver is not solid enough for metal creations so copper is added for durability. silver belts thus have greater percentage of pure silver and can last a prolonged time of use. It is recommended then to get a rather expensive sterling silver belt that will last for many years than a inexpensive simple belt that can only last for a couple of years.

There are many styles and designs for a sterling silver belt and each one can suit a woman or a manís sense of taste. For women, jeweled belts are a modish design. The buckle is designed with stones, crystals and other jewels of different colors and patterns. There are also buckles with imprints of flowers, angels and even names of the woman wearing them. For the big boys, a western look is desired more such as cowboys with bulky buckles, imprinted with various concepts of cowboys, animals and badges.

Sterling silver belts are used by people for appeal even on western influenced contests like rodeo. Men would likely display these silver belts upon mounting on horses and for the females, these jeweled belts add up to their cowgirl looks.

Though these extraordinary accents appear limited, there are many producers that can offer you with the finest from the wide choices of sterling silver belts. The Silver Gallery has several excellent choices from a simple silver belt to an embossed belt. Sterling silver belt is polish plain buckle, a sterling silver embossed belt buckle has imprinted pattern and there are plain sterling silver harness belts. David Moran sterling silver belts have cast buckles, cast in solid silver wax and the die stamped buckle.

A pat areias sterling silver belt comes in variety of colors and designs suited for both men and women. It provides tailor made belts with various straps that one can exchange depending on their feeling or type of apparel.

Being trendy is a trend followed by males and females to adjust to the culture and even to draw in compliments and liking from many people. Possessing a sterling silver belt together with eye-catching styles will not only make you a walking trend but an interest to each eye.

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